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A White Hut Girl Beyond

Her white socks with brightly black schoes.

It was a pretty blue May Spring.

A White Hut rolled up and up and up to beyond the blue sky.

She, a White Hut , spoke to me with Laughing and Laughing.

It was a mad blue sky.

Her white socks brightly come in to my eyes.

Your Lips spoke to me, with hegitation.

Her White dress and white mini skert brightly shining into the blue sky Light on the morining ten o'clock.

A Wind blows your skert. white Hut rolling into the Air, Laughing and Laughing.

blue sky was madly blue. She was pretty.

I throw color papers from jangle jim to the sky.

gold paper, silver paper, brightning into the air blowing by the Wind.

A White Hut rolling up and up into the sky high.

the sky was mad blue.


テーマ:自作詩 - ジャンル:小説・文学

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