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From the Dark Side of the Moon part10

From the Dark side of the Moon Part 10

Johann Sebastian Matthew Zdbac Ubel

Every bands in OSAKA went to the EAST, from OSAKA to NAGOYA to TOKTO at that time. But Johann and PRISONER NO.6 went to the WEST, from OSAKA to HIMEJI to OKAYAMA. In the Autumn, PRISONER.NO.6 got stand on the stage at OKAYAMA PEPPERLAND after live at BEARS and Johann back to KYOUTO in DOUSHISYA University Campus Festival. After 3 days live, Johann felt himself by musician. Johann got many musician friends girls and boys. There was KAEDE in musician friends. She lived in HIMEJI. She worked by HIMEJI LIVEHOUSE, MUSHROOM. Johann often called to MUSHROOM and the house of KAEDE. The grand mother of KAEDE connected phone comfortably every time. At same time by Johann there was a girl friend named MAKIDA, she was writer of music press. Johann and MAKIDA did a date from OSAKA to KYOUTO and watch Italian cinema together and ate dinner by couple. That year Christmas, Johann reserved to spend with MAKIDA. But the day before Christmas Eve, KAEDE told phone to Johann " Would you like to meet with me tomorrow?"But it was unlucky. He refused to KAEDE because there was reserve with MAKIDA. But MAKIDA didn't come to the meeting place because she caught a cold.
In these time, johann had been spent money by earned by newspaper delivery to the half-prostitute club in TENNOUJI . There was woman called HIROMI, who were collage student. She earned school expense by prostitute club guarantee. That club was called Fashion Health, the half-prostitute woman was wearing any kind of costume and the customer accepts
play by woman's mouth hole. HIROMI had big bust. Johann became to the regular customer of HIROMI. HIROMI and Johann often embraced each other by early morning from AM9:00. After that Johann got back to home and from noon got worked by newspaper delivery. One day Johann and HIROMI quarreled , but soon Johann apologized and played guitar in HIROMI's room for HIROMI, that lyric was moved her minds. After that HIROMI paid extension money from her wallet to the counter. HIROMI and Johann sometimes was only talking without nothing. and often only embraced each other. And by day HIROMI only brushed longhair of Johann. Johann and HIROMI became friends. But they could not by out of shop.
At the same time Johann made cassettes tapes of an artist called ZIGGY ATEM. His works cassettes tapes sold very well. And that was also sold very well in USA. Johann supported ZIIGY ATEM by live stage. And that Live stage Video sold from Forever Record, and sold very well and introduced by music magazines.

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From the Dark Side of the Moon part9

From the Dark side of the Moon part 9

Johann Sebastian Matthew Zdbac Ubel

Chapter 8 1995

One artist who joined with " Crazy Party" at BEARS, named ODAKA told phone to johann " Please help me Johann, 15 pieces ticket norm is so heavy for me!" And ODAKKA and
Johann began the band PRISONER.NO.6. That band live was violently. At first gig, ODAKA throw the spitting out and Johann destroyed electric guitar, Fendar-Mexico. That live was shocking for audience and live house staff stopped to the booking of PRISONER.NO.6. But cassettes tapes of PRISONER.NO.6 was sold well. And sponsorship got booking forcibly because the band PRISONER.NO.6 was able to gather many audiences. Johann played hard technical fuzz tone guitar violently with tremolo and wow. And the last scene of the Live was destroyable electric guitar, Fender-Mexixo by Johann. when guitar has broken, the sounds from big volume amp made beginning to blow good sensitive winds. The band PRISONER.NO.6 became to popular band at BEARS. Johann bought Fender-maxico by earned money of delivering newspaper every months. And every month he broke guitar and audience was pleased.

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