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ZERO SCIENCE =MU セルフライナーノーツ 2

ZERO SCIENCE=MU セルフライナーノーツ 2

              Johann Sebastian Matthew Zdbac Ubel

 テイク2、「FANTASTIC PLANET」が完成しました。この曲では、クラシックギター
のスタンダードナンバー、「パガニーニのソナチネ」、ルローベットの「アメリアの誓い」、タレルガの「アラビア風綺想曲」、そしてピアノとオルガンによる、J.S.BACHの「主よ人の望みよ喜びよ」を、John Ubelが演奏しています。この作品は、2009年8月から2010年3月まで、John Ubel一人でエンジニアリングされて作られたものです。
 さて、前作「GEDICHTE」では、宇宙旅行からのGROUNDINGがテーマでした。この「FANTASTIC PLANET」もまた、GROUNDINGがテーマです。私たちは、美しい地球という惑星に、憧れて、宇宙から地球に入植した人々の子孫です。2007年代のアセンション運動は、再び宇宙に還ろう、という運動でした。しかし、それでいいのでしょうか?
 人類史と宇宙史の接点。それが、ZERO SCIENCE=MUの2曲目、「FANTASTIC PLANET」のテーマです。私たちの美しい地球を存命させるために、私たちの地球を愛しましょう。

John Ubel
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From the Dark Side of the Moon part8

From the Dark Side of the Moon Part8

Johann Sebastian Matthew Zdbac Ubel

Chapter 7 1994

Another friend who had been joined from ST.Andrew's High school, he was also the member of the band, took Johann to strip show at TENMA in Osaka. In the end, Two
High school graduated friends helped Johann.
They continued to practice every Sunday for KITAMI in HOKKAIDOU Live. In May,
Johann and one band member MATSUNO joined to ride to Airplane from OSAKA airport to MEMANBETSU in HOKKAIDOU. When ISHIKARI River saw from the window, that was like European not Japan. That travel expenses were made from savings of bank when Johann did evening and morning newspaper delivery.
KAGATANI who were friend of MATSUNO greeted out of airport Johann and MATSUNO by car. The band of KAGATANI called the band of MATSUNO to KITAMI.
KAGATANI was the nice guy. After rehearsal of Live space, they stayed to business
Live gig held by the live house" YUUYAKEMATSURI" at KITAMI. Johann played two times. One was the number of his 17 year old band's number, with dinosaur fuzz guitar and voice with delay echo. And another one was the band's long play. The Air
of HOKKAIDOU was dry. And the sound was also dry and good feeling.
After the live everyone had party with " SHYABUSYABU" and after that Johann and KAGATANI's drunk by the bar. But when Johann came back to hotel, one man bumped against Johann, and that man stole 20,000yen from his jacket pocket.
When MATUNO & Johann came back to MEMANBETSU, In the taxi, MATSUNO was pleasd with cows of stock farm. After reached to Osaka Airport, Johann borrowed
money from MATSUNO, and he got back to TENNOUJI. He soon back money by cash registered mail.
The band which organized by graduates from ST.Andrew's Boy's High School and MATSUNO continued to play pratice by NAKATSU garage dtudio. They wanted to feature Johann. And Johann with the band member got stand to the stage clothing Wedding dress which bought by NIHONBASHI old cloths shop with MATSUNO. Full volumn Johann's Guitar play was losing other member's instrument sound. After that live, the band member told to Johann " We will be no more play with you!". That was shocked by Johann.
But he continued to play with MATSUNO and made cassettes tapes and sold. The 20 pieces cassettes soon sold out by FOREVER record shop. That band name was taken by Johann's middle school's girl's name. That was only having good sounds. But Johann's neighbor friend SAWADA who kept up with that girl in middle school clamed that band's name. And they couldn't play by Live House by that name, In Summer. KAGATANI and HOKKAIDOU members came to OSAKA. Before the live day, They played in SHINSEKAI and TOBITASHINCHI. Johann got into the shop of TOBITASAHINCHI when he looked beatiful girl standing in front of the shop. KAWATA who were also band friends did negotiations but when Johann went up to 2F of shop, old aunt said to him high price money, ¥20.000per 30 minutes. But he felt that price was the price of himself. The girl was beutiful but in the dark he couldn't do anything. After that KAGATANI and other friends waited for Johann in front of the shop. They were good friends. In the live show, Johann played beautiful silent number by solo in front of the band of MATSUNO and KAGATANI, MATSUNO had written" Johann Ubel is hated by evryone." But at first recognized this beautiful number man was also MATSUNO.
In December, BEARS held " CRAZY PARTY!" Johann debut by solo artist. He destroyed guitar. That performance made recognized Johann by BEARS ,Osaka underground musician.
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From the Dark Side of the Moon part7

From the Dark Side of the Moon part7

Johann Sebastian Matthew Zdbac Ubel

Chapter5 1992

In YAMATO working place member, There was named IMADA who were withdrawal from YOSHINO High school. He was intended to take an admission examination to HOKKAIDOU YOICHI High school, which school comply the student who were withdrawal.
Johann became to a tutor of English of IMADA. With both two were going to YAMATO working place. Johann taught English IMADA strictly and gently. IMADA took adavantaged to Johann. Johann often drove the car with IMADA.And they went to KARAOKE like everyday. Johann took IMADA to the Japanese bar and adult bar.
YAMAGUCHI and IMADA and Johann often played each other. The mother of YAMAGUCHI said about Johann" I don't understand what is disease of Johann?"
The day past this year. Johann bought and bought rare CD's by ware and tutor Gurantee. And he lent CD to the friend who were together by ST.Andrew's High school.
In Winter IMADA passed to the admission examination.

Chapter 6 1993

In New year vacation, IMADA and YAMAGUCHI took phone to Johann " Now we are with beautiful woman. Come here. And Please drive a car! Go to somewhere with everybody!". Johann drove the car to the KASHIHARAJINGUUMAE station. There were YAMAGUCHI and IMADA and IRIDA and unknown woman who were the friend of IRIDA. They went to KARAOKE together. The woman named KAMEOKA. She was so beutiful as a friend of IRIDA. Johann drove the car speaking with KAMEOKA about literature for example " Gone with the Wind".
Next day, IRIDA took phone of YAMATO working place to KAMEOKA.Lady KAMEOKA told to IRIDA." It is out of problem to work man by working place."
Johann didn't say to IRIDA to want to keep up with KAMEOKA. This was shocked by him. He searched job and got the work of newspaper delivery by evening delivery.
One day in the meeting of SAKURAI health center, Johann talked to public health man " I wonder if to keep up with IRIDA." Public health nurse man replied " That is a good thing. Let's go to kep up with.! Johann drove the car to the motel with IRIDA. But they are only played each other, there was nothing.
After few days, It was phone called to the house of Johann from the father of IRIDA.
" You did it,didn't you?" Johann said " What was I doing? I didn't make her pregnancy."" That was only adult man and woman's just play." " What do you say to me?" The father of IRIDA said to Johann" Go marriage with my dauther!" Johann said to him" What do you say?What duty does exist to me?" Johann declined to his proposal. Public health nurse man got changed to another public health center. New public health nurse took phone to Johann. And he promised to be not going to meet with IRIDA.
Newspaper delivery work was not so much heavy. Old women who worked with that office at first did not recognized his long hair. but they were going to be accustomed to his long hair. Day by day Johann's work was losing miss working . And he was asked also early morning deliverly. He delivered newspaper in the day and midnight.
Johann borrowed the adult video day by day more 10 tapes. And he also bought favorite videos. In it was raining day, he went to bath which held all night. Into the Summer Company's travel was going to held. The manager of newspapaer delivery shop said to Johann" I will bring you to the company's travel, and you must cut hair!"Johann cut his hair but it was close-cut hair. After that travel his mind condition was going bad. When the party held by shop, Johann did a slip on the tongue. Old women angered. After that he was absent to go to work. And he quitted once that delivery shop.
He was sleeping by the house.Not eating anything. At that time, religion teacher's voice talked to the mother" Your son was dead." The mother was crying. But he was sent to the mental hoapital, that hospitalization was third, he did hunger-strike again. But hospital workers were accustomed to his action. Johann was given drip and after 2week, he got out hospital.
In the Autumn, The friend of Johann from the ST.Andrew's High school made Johann joined to his band. Band men were pleased to Johann's good at guitar play.
And Johann joined to the band in Osaka. and he returned to the work of newspaper delivery by only evening delivers.
This Winter, the band's gig played at BEARS at DAIKOKUCYOU.Johann's guitar play got reputations. The newspaper delivery work was monotony. He did work smoothly.
Raining day and Snowing day continued to work everyday. He was going back trust by delivery shop workers. At that time shop worker old women did not say strong word for Johann.
The band continued to practice at NAKATSU studio in Osaka. The wind of Osaka was Free for Johann.
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From the Dark Side of the Moon part6

From the Dark Side of the Moon part6

Johann Sebastian Matthew Zdbac Ubel

Chapter 4 1991

Johann challenged for working Place YAMATO again. At that time Johann and his mother asked staff of YAMATO working place to only 2hours working in 13:00~ 15:00 by Working place work.
2hours working was not so much heavy.Johann went to working place everyday. Soon it was making friends for Johann. By recreation woman staff poured beer for Johann. Among YAMATO working place member, there was YAMAGUCHI who graduated High school-professional school. YAMAGUCHI brought Johann to the Soap Land, which is prostitute bath play within Sex play. He could not do it very well.
The wages were got in the bankbook. Johann bought rare CD more and more, a little by little.
Woman staff IKENAKA lent book like" 100 year's solitude" and " GEKKAN KADIKAWA" she said" I had interest to the undergroud culture like you!,but now it is important for spending everyday."Johann lent LP of the theater play of SYUUJI TERAYAMA sound track.Another woman staff SAKADA held salon every Friday gathered only boys.and Johann played guitar. SAKADA and everyone said" You will get a chance if the time comes."
One day Johann went to Soap Land in Osaka, One prostitute wearing dress took him to bath room. She said " You are long hair, aren't you? Your curly hair is natural?" Johann said " Yes,natural." She said " Are you dying hair by brown?" Johann replied" No,this is also natural." She said " Your hair is also shining by red. Is it also Natural?"
Johann said "Yes, natural." And she said. " Say me if you learn something!".
Johann recited the DAS KAPITAL first part in German. She said " Yes. Indeed.OK.I will make your child." That prostitute made Johann without skin Sex. Johann stuck out spermatozoon in that woman's vagina.
After sevaral months, that Soap Land was closed.
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From the Dark Side of the Moon Part5

From the Dark Side of the Moon part5

Johann Sebastian Matthew Zdbac Ubel

Chapter 3 1990

After got out second hospitalization, Johann bought oil painting kit. Easel and campus, drawing brush,and so on.He painted the landscape out of the room which was once brother's room. He draw the tangerine fields. When he completed oil painting,called " WINDOW", and he became to want to buy Music CD. But his mother
said " Don't do use money for picture and music. You must select picture or music."
Many CD's which past rare and to have been difficult to get were sold around at that time. He needed money. And he and mother went to YAMATO working place.But first working of YAMATO working place was very heavy for Johann.
By the YAMATO working place, Johann worked with everybody,assembly line, he did be very tired, and soon he quitted.
After that Johann's father recommended OKANO clinic in the ABENO,TENNOUJI in OSAKA. The nurse of that clinic was so beautiful. After several months, the director of hospital did hypnotism treatment for Johann. In the black room the doctor said,"Who do you see?" Johann replied"The nurse." The doctor said to Johann, " Your disease occurs from almost nothing women experienses."" You must go to prostitute club in Osaka with lying come to this hospital." And Johann discharged OKANO clinic.
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