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From the Dark Side of the Moon part4

From the Dark Sideof the Moon part4

Johann Sebastian Matthew Zdbac Ubel

Chapter 2 1989

After sleep out to home in the New Year day, Johann had slept out several times in the one in the 2weeks. The doctor said to the father of Johann," Your son may get out hospital in the March."
Johann got out hospital in March.
As soon as he got back to home, Johann did not be absent, he got out to business travel with Medicine Man. He did riding to the assistant seat. They went to East Japan like NAGOYA,SAITAMA,NAGANO. He did calculations as assitant of Medicine Man.
After got back to Nara, Johann went to the driver's school. and he was accepted driver's license. And one more went to the business travel with Medicine Man as driver.
Johann had worked seriously. The works was very busy everyday. He made run automobile from mountain to another mountain in NAGANO. Old people who Johann had met said to Medicine man. " I don't like doctor and hospital.". and they bought high price medicine from Chinese.Medicine Man brought Johann to the nice Japanese hotel and hot springs. He expected Johann to the assistant of him long times.
In Summer vacation, Johann took with his friend who were from the times of St. Andrew's Boy's High School and went to NAGANO by Skyline GTR which was rent by Medicine Man. Johann did be driving NORIKURA mountain. There was caldera plateau with mist. That travel was in the end by car trouble. Johann was driving by 200 km/h CYUOU free way and when passed NAGOYA charge place, the gear of the car was broken. JAF sent the car to the skyline shop for repaired. And they stayed to the Japanese hotel. And they came home next day. When Johann came back to home, the wife of Medicine man got angry, she said" Back me 2 million yen." And he quitted the work of Medicine Man.
One of uncle introduced the work of the charge place of highway. and he bought the car. But he was down by only one day working because of automobile gasses.After that he continued to be asleep day and night everyday not even ate anything. His mother wondered if he was going to die by such like that.
In the Autumn Johann got violence in the house. Old furniture was thrown by Johann and he throw alchool for brother. His brother tied up Johann's hands and he was sent to mental hospital. That was second time hospitalization. That hospitalization took time 10 months.
Second time hospitalization was treated cool by hospital workers. The room was in very small room. And there were 50 patients in the small room.Johann's space was less than 1 piece of bedding. One day he stepped one patient foot. The patient stroke Johann. Johann was going to desparation. One day Johann slept with one woman patient. She walked around the men's room and searched good man. Johann took her in his bedding. He did pedding to her, but hospital drug was too strong. That sleeping with woman patient was in the end nothing done. One day Johann rubbed woman's breasts, and did be sliding his hands into her clothes to her nipples. That woman patient said to him" Good sensitive!"
One day he wanted to go isolated preservation room of Alcohol ward. He stroke man patient OUTANI, and Johann said to doctor"Please get in upper ward isolated preservation room." He got in isolated preservation room.
In the isolated preservation room, he did hunger strike. Nurse gave him the drip. Nurse gave water to him. He read the "DAS KAPITAL" in German.
Soon he got into Alcohol ward. The room which he was given to Johann was vast. There was space more 1 piece bedding. Alcohol patient said to him" Your hospitalizarion wil be long time." Two painter did be hospitalization at that time in the Alcohol ward. Johann was taught Picture drawing from one painter. Johann talked to another painter by French greeting word. That old painter was long hair and famous only in Europe. And also Johann's hair was going to be long hair. Alcohol ward was in silence every day and night. It was comfortable for Johann.
After several slept -out he got out second hospitalization in 1990.
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From the Dark Side of the Moon Part3

From the Dark Side of the Moon part3

Johann Sebastian Matthew Zdbac Ubel

Johann woke up in the mental hospital after 3days sleeping.It was an observation room. Hospital drug was so heavy that Johann could not speak. The days of not allowed receiving continued. After 2weeks the mother of Johann interviewed with Johann. But it was in atmosphere of dangerous, iron doors opened and closed locking keys. Johann felt like he was in prison. In fact that mental hospital was like prison.
Johann had been moved to big open room. But that room was like field hospital. Johann's space was only of piece of bedding, not bed.His father and brother came to meet to him and they presented Radio-Cassettes recorder. One young patient, OOTANI asked to Johann that he rends you cassettes tapes and please rend me Radio-Cassettes . But he did not back Radio-Casettes recorder to Johann. OOTANI had been gotten in hospital from 16year old. His age was the same as Johann 22 year old. He was thrown away to the hospital from his family.
Hospital nurse-men were like jailers of prison. That hospital workers labor conditions were evidently bad. Johann thought that hispital's patient bad situations causes from hospital worker's bad labor conditions.In fact same hospital worker continued to work by night and days every day. That work conditions were extraordinary.
At that age, Johann did not be smoking. Narrow space and many patients made fog of smoke. Obviously it was lack of oxygen. Men and women patients ware same floor. By night only men's space and women's space were apart. There was a hospital worker to do mischief to women's patients in the night.
Almost every patients were only sleeping in the day and night. The patients of religion SOUKAGAKKAI did propagations. Sometime there were examination from doctor. Johann was diagnosed by schizoid. The father of Johann said to the director
of hospital" Get out my son!" The director of hospital replied to father " Your son is in heavy schizoid. He needs medical treatments for a while."
When the mother of Johann to have been come to meet him to the hospital, the mother should have given Confectionaries to hospital worker in the reception every times.
Johann felt like that place is the end of the world. He wonders if he will go to the end of life like old men who spent the life in the hospital long years. He accepted psychology examination. At first Psychologist has shown the graphic some pages.He
said to Johann" What picture is this which can you see?" Johann replied " A lobster!". Psychologist has shown another pages," What is this which can you see?"
"A lobster!". Johann said to Psychologist," I know this test. Should I answer that this picture is woman's genitals? I don't know such like that. I can only see by only lobster."psychologist said, " Do you like lobster?" Johann said " No not much."Psychologist made his face like difficult.He said " You are already adult men."After that Psychologist said to Johann, " Please draw a picture of tree!".Johann drew a picture of tree. His picture of tree was a trunk of tree was very big and thick but brunches of the tree were very spare-built and those brunches were going to withering. The sun was black, and Johann was going to draw a crow on the withering brunches." "Stop to draw!" The Psychologist cried." I have not ever seen that terrible picture!" . The examination ended.
Johann has been reading " War and Peace" , which was sent from his mother. That book had been read by Johann's boy's days. One girl rent a book, which was the book of Mr.DAISAKU IKEDA. The book which girl rent was about marriage. Johann read that book speedy and soon back to the girl. The mother of Johann sent cassettes tapes of classics. And Johann has lestened classic tapes by Radio-Cassettes recoder by depth wondow.That classic music streaming were permitted from nurses.They said " Classic music is good for mental disease. You may stream classic
music by Radio-Cassettes speaker." Some nurses were sympathetic for Johann, they sometimes said to Johann, " If you were getting better of disease, you had better to go back to collage."
When the new year came,Johnann was permitted to sleep out to home, The house of Johann was getting better as before.
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From the Dark Side of the Moon part2

From the Dark Side of the Moon Part2

Johann Sebastian Matthew Zdbac Ubel

Johann said to his father" I want to get in mental hospital."But his father mentioned
to relatives, can't Johann go to the mental hospital. Johann's father introduced conjurer. Johann went to the home of conjurer every day. But OUKI and madams streamed rumors that Johann raped the daughter of OUKI and many girls. But Johann had done nothing with anyone such like that. Johann became to insane more and more.
Uncle of WAKAYAMA, Johann's mother's brother, came to house. Johann asked to him" Take me to WAKAYAMA." and he went to WAKAYAMA. Uncle took him to the Buddhism church, and Johann worked by the temple like stone piled up working. But
that temple was of Korean people's woman's temple. The chief of that temple refused Johann to work that place.
Johann next went to the aunt home of YOSHINO, That aunt was the old sister of Johann's father. But he was also diturbed person by YOSHINO. He went to OOMINESUN and seached rope to hang himself.
After got out aunt house, he went to TENRI Church. When Johann was in child his grandmother contributed to this church big money of his copyright money which earned working child. But they were cool and didn't treat Johann as ordinary man.
Johann went to SYUUYOUKA od TENRI church, but he couldn't dance of TENRI church,he escaped SYUUYOUKA. And again went to WAKAYAMA uncle's house. But he could not stay even half day. He went to SHIRAHAMA. He was intend to commit suicide. But he could not do in SHIRAHAMA. And back to home in the night. He hanged by himself.But that commiting suicide was in failure. Johann's brains nerves
some broke out. He couldn't say anything, But even that after commiting suicide of Johann. The father of Johann didn't let him get in hospital. the father of Johann takes to home conjurer.
The big speaker putted on neighbors home.Every one who past Johann met people called by speaker from telephone or something by loud volume.
One day teacher of high school which Johann graduated called to Johann" Johann.
Throw fire-bottle to your neighbor's house!" Johann was making fire -bottle, but he could not throw to neighbor's and in Johann's home in the barn burning fire papaer box.
Johann was sent to mental hospital at last.

In 1987, It was occured the world economic panic. That was done evasion by PC network. At that time there were born many bad credit creditor. That was the beginning of Japanese bubble economy.For losing bad credit, it was gotten rise that the land price more and more upon the book note. The clever rich lost bad credit by rose price of the land and disposed the land and bad credit. The fool rich left the bad credit thinking by herself she is a rich by high price of the land, and did not dispose the land and left.
In 1988, neighbor house of the house of Johann was had several hundred million yen bad credit. Thy were going to crazy, and they cried by loudly voices" Die Die Die!" every night. And Johann couldn't sleep several months.
At that time,Madam OUKI also stole more 200 million yen from Johann, that money was the copyright money of Johann when he was in child working which were writing original texts of comic. That animation was re-streamed by TV.
It was held funeral of JOHN MATTHEW, who were child animation original writer, who were famous by '70s animation" Candy Candy". Many fun gathered to the funeral.
By the way, Johann had forgotten all early child days, which accepted special educations from1year old to 3year old. And he had forgotten to work of animation original writing with young comic writers.That work also had been done in 5year old. Johann had written many comic original texts, and grown-up men and women made dramatizations of Johann's original texts.
That work of Johann was written all by ghost writer except" Candy Candy"which was credit by JOHN MATTHEW, which name was second Christian name of Johann.
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From the Dark Side of the Moon part1

From the Dark Side of the Moon

Johann Sebastian Matthew Zdbac Ubel

Chapter 1 1988

Johann got up." Where is here?" in the bed of hospital. The nurse was smiling to Johann. " You got up at last. You have been sleeping for 3days."

Johann was a collage student of RITSUMEIKAN University night part. He got back to Home from KYOUTO by trouble of boarding apart. He was involved by student activity hunting. And he run away to home of ASUKA Village. His student activity was City Bus increasing activities. In 1987, Johann was a second turn student. He called to students of literature part, " Please come to the classroom of student meeting, we demand City Bus increasing!" Mainly girls students and boys rush into this Students Meeting Class room. And Students Meeting was success. The demand from student was adopted. But next Spring emty many bus went out from RITSUMEIKAN University station. The responsibility of Increasing bus movement was on Johann, the students self-government everyone said. Johann was difficult to walk campus, Physical Stidents walked around campus searching Johann having metric bat in night.
Johann was difficult to go and back to RITSUMEIKAN and village home in night, with by day working. He quitted work of cleaning hotel. And he could not go to University.
He was writting essay, but soon neighbors interrupted of Self study of Johann. And soon Pepole of village became noisy. Some people got laugh of failure of Johann. And some people got angry about Johann to be able to go only night part college.
One woman called OUKI. This madam stole money in 1977 from Johann about 100million yen which money was copyright money of Johann when he was in child as child writer of comic.OUKI said by roudly voice," The thing Johann is only going to night part college is the same as the daughter's engagement breaking."Johann didn't do engagement with daughter of OUKI. She had not been given present anything to Johann. from 13 year old Johann and the daughter of OUKI was not even friends.
OUKI and many madams came to neighbors of Johann's house, and like everyday they called by loudly voices. " Give us money, big money!" When Johann was in 17 year old, one animation which there was credit Johann's pen mame, JOHN MATTHEW, as an original writer, was sreamed by TV. OUKI and madamas thought Johann got that copyright money. But Johann contributed that money in 17 year old. The mother of Johann said to madams" Sorry we don't have big money,sorry."
When OUKI and madams understand that Johann is no more to be worth to use,they were thinking to kill the Johann. They called " Die, Die Die!" to Johann. He became to
like insane. (to be continued.....)
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